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This spring, give your digital footprint a good scrubbing with these seven easy tips.


From toddler to teen, learn more about the digital stages your child will pass through.


Resistance is futile! Don't fight your kid's technology fascination. Instead, make it part of the solution.


Handy flashcards to help you make talking about digital citizenship with kids easy.


A Platform for Good is a project of the Family Online Safety Institute that seeks to empower parents to raise engaged kids and good digital citizens.

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Take Action This Distracted Driving Awareness Month

Did you know this month is Distracted Driving Awareness Month? Read to learn about what you can do to help promote safer driving habits to family and friends.

Crisis Management: Helping Teens When Things Go Wrong Online

High school teacher, Tim Benson, breaks down crisis management for teens online, covering how to diffuse a crisis and how to move on from one once it happens.

A Platform for Good’s #digitalparenting Tweet Chat Recap

If you missed our tweet chat on digital parenting (or simply want to go back and explore the tweets and shared resources further), you can see the full conversation here.

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