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Teach Parents Tech


There are thousands of mobile apps available at the click of “download.” Watch this video to learn more about apps and making smart choices when downloading them. Learn more

New Social Media

It seems like teens are using a new social media site every day. Watch this quick tutorial on some of the newest social sharing sites and learn tips for talking to teens about their favorites. Learn more

Reporting Problems

Has your child ever come to you with a problem online? This video has some pointers for reporting problems on social media and email. Learn more

Safety and Security

Online tools give us the ability to see and experience a lot of cool things. Watch this video to learn some easy steps to make sure you and your kids are safe while exploring. Learn more


Do you know where your kids are…gaming? This video explains different types of games kids and teens play and gives tips for understanding game ratings and setting rules. Learn more

Parental Controls

Not familiar with parental controls? This video will help you learn about different types of controls as well as how to modify them to make them age-appropriate. Learn more

Mobile Features

Mobile phones can do a lot! But do you know and your kids know how to keep personal details private? Watch this video to learn more about mobile safety and privacy features. Learn more

Digital Reputation

What goes online, can stay online. Watch this video to learn how to help teens maintain a positive digital reputation on social media sites. Learn more

Critical Thinking

Applying common sense to any situation can go a long way-- especially online. This video gives some simple tips for learning to decipher fact from fiction on the web. Learn more

Privacy Settings

Are you familiar with privacy settings on the social media sites your family uses? Watch this video to learn tricks for keeping information private and tips for addressing the topic with teens. Learn more