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Turn Your Classroom Into A Virtual Textbook

  • Purpose 
    • This video aims to encourage teachers to use more resources online to increase opportunities for students to interact with the content on textbook pages. By exploring educational tools online such as CK12.org, TEDed.com, or Khan Academy, teachers can add a creative spin to simple lessons in English, math, and many other subjects.
  • Discussion Questions
    • Ask your students to find a cool activity on CK12.org, TEDed.com, or KHAN Academy and transform it into a fun lesson for the class this year.
    • What lessons do you feel should integrate some online resources or games?
    • This year, would you prefer all of your lessons to integrate tech related materials, most of your lessons, or some of your lessons?
    • What lessons do you think don’t need tech related materials?
  • Full Links

Click here to download this video.