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Plan A FIeld Trip Around The World

  • Purpose
    • This video introduces different ways to incorporate technology-related tools into the classroom. The video offers the opportunity to explore sites like the UNESCO World Heritage download for Google Earth which can turn a simple art history lesson into a three-dimensional interactive display of some of the world’s most treasured elements of culture and history from around the world. These tools allow students to use these extraordinary resources in their classrooms as well as engage their learners within the standard curriculum.
  • Discussion Questions
    • Ask your students about the benefits of utilizing platforms, such as the Google Art Project, to virtually visit museums around the globe.
    • What other places would students like to explore virtually?
    • Ask your students to recommend some tech-related resources for teachers to use to enhance the classroom?
    • How does the usage of tech related resources improve students’ interest in various subjects?
    • For additional ideas for making lesson plans with the google art project:  http://teachinghistory.org/nhec-blog/24540 and http://theteachingpalette.com/2011/02/17/9-ideas-for-integrating-google-art-project-in-your-curriculum/
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