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Learn by Creating Online Games

  • Purpose
    • This video aims to encourage teachers to use more creative interactive features in their classroom by incorporating activities such as 'game creation' to bridge students' understanding of their lessons to relevant issues and social activities. By using game creation sites like Scratch, Game Creation: Construct 2, and Ayiti these content creation features enables students to connect their lessons to everyday principals and bring a sense of purpose to learning the standard curriculum.
  • Discussion Questions
    • Does the standard curriculum bring relevance to your daily experience?
    • How can I, better help you understand the importance of learning the lessons we cover this year?
    • Would you like to incorporate more game creation opportunities to our curriculum? Besides game creation, what other tech-related resources would you like to see in our classroom that will make our year fun?
    • For homework, find some fun sites that you think we could incorporate in one of our lessons for the year. Write a small summary on how this activity is relevant to the lesson. As a class, we will vote on four activities to incorporate in our lessons this year.

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