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How did you use your power for good?

Sarah Hoffman is the Project Administrator at the Family Online Safety Institute.

For centuries people have built communities – villages that started small and grew into massive cities. And, out of that growth came an opportunity to develop new ideas, increase knowledge, and create traditions.

Today, the Internet and the technologies that connect us are in a similar formative stage.

Right now, we have the power to define our online community and build the foundations for how we interact and participate – a community that has already started to show so much potential as a place to grow, learn and share; as a platform where people are doing great things and supporting each other; and as a space where people are trying to make everyone feel safe and respected.

On Tuesday we asked people to continue building this community by pledging to use their online power for good.

People everywhere demonstrated that when we use our powers to do great things, we can create an online world that’s full of positivity, kindness and laughter. Here are some examples of what was pledged:

“I will use the web as a force of generosity.”

“I will thank my friends on Facebook for supporting me during a tough time.”

“I will report bullying of any kind.”

“I will share positive information and continue to seek the good in people and things.”

“I will use my blog to make people laugh, hope and love.”

Imagine the kind of online world we could build if we all pledged like these people did. The possibilities seem endless…

How did you pledge to use your power for good? Tell us in the comment section.

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